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Responsible news outlets are mirrors, reflecting back images of the communities that support them, allowing others to see new perspectives.

I’ve been the cultural expression and community values reporter at the Tucson Sentinel since summer 2022, and my greatest pleasure has been reporting on the diverse topics that emerge from Tucson and neighboring towns across Southern Arizona’s Borderlands.

During times of uncertainty and conflict, I’m grateful I’m able to produce stories that uplift and act as a balm for the readers — that’s my hope. This past year brought many stories to my plate and I make a point of treating every report with care. 

This year, I’ve reported about large events like the Tucson Jazz Festival, Tucson Comic Con, and the All Soul’s Procession as well as business openings, galleries, theater, books and compelling community members such as Adiba Nelson, contestants at Iron Chef Tucson and more. 

And I’ve seen the effects of a healthy local press clearly in my time living and working here in Tucson.

I could write ad nauseam about the importance of the media as a whole, but I would like to shine a spotlight on local press. I may be biased — I’m a local journalist myself — but there is a special kind of magic to local reporting. The people I interview constantly express their appreciation of having someone listen. “Thank you for covering this.” “Thank you for spreading the word.” “Thank you for telling our story.”

It’s our privilege to be those ears, and to help pass along those important stories to a wider audience.

The process of storytelling is layered and complex. It all begins with the seed of the story. This could be an Instagram post, a press release, even a flyer on a lamppost. Inspiration can strike from a conversation sparked by an overheard remark at a coffeeshop. That’s part of the magic. 

Then comes the process of finding sources. Personally, I find this sacred. As humans, we engage in interpersonal communication daily, most of the time without a second thought about it. But communicating effectively is at the heart of our craft as storytellers.

As a journalist, the trust between a source and me is the heart of the story. This is the real magic to me: the connections I make, the people I meet on a regular basis is what makes the experience special. 

There are some stories that stand out to me in reflecting on the past year. Covering the Tucson Jazz Festival was a blast. I didn’t know how little I knew about jazz until the festival came around and I was able to interview some of the musicians. My favorite of those stories was the one about Tatiana Eva-Marie and the Avalon Jazz Band. I appreciate stories that serve as learning experiences in the process. 

Another highlight was an article I wrote about Tucson storm chasers, who hit the streets to take photos of the monsoons.

My work goes beyond the expected arts coverage. These last 12 months, I’ve explored themes and topics such as tribal affairs, religion and spirituality, policies about inclusivity, food, writing and so much more. I’ve also had the pleasure of translating pieces from English to Spanish with the goal of serving more diverse audiences. My New Year’s resolution is to produce more articles in Spanish, that’s for sure.

There may be no Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, or Spider-Woman, around here but there are reporters who care, and I get to call them my colleagues at the Tucson Sentinel.

Authentically local independent journalism is urgently needed. Without professionals like the ones on our staff, so many rocks would go unturned and so many stories would remain untold.

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