Donald Trump and the Upcoming Detention

Heading to the clink is an unappealing prospect, but there’s a solid chance that’s where failed casino owner Donald Trump will end up, when he’s sentenced in July on 34 felony criminal convictions by a…

Claytoonz: Trump stakes claim to Bible profits

I don’t understand fundamentalists. They act holier than the rest of us. They claim they’re closer to God, Jesus, angels, etc, etc. They scold us for voting for Democrats who aren’t Jesus-y enough. They claim…

Claytoonz: Trump's white Christmas

Donald Trump is channeling Hitler and Texas Republicans are making it legal to arrest people for being brown. Trump said immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country,” which is very similar to Hitler talk….

Claytoonz: How to carve a pumpkin

It’s a traditionally “scary” time of year, but there’s plenty more to be frightened of than some kids in costumes threatening to bedeck your house with toilet paper. Just turn on the news.