Street murals, food & bike repairs at Living Streets Alliance's Pueblo Gardens Block Party

Neighborhood and community members will be able to paint murals on the street near Pueblo Gardens School on Saturday during a block party.

“The project will include a new crosswalk and ‘curb extensions’ also known as ‘bulb-outs’ to increase the safety and visibility of students walking to school, and to beautify the intersection with a splash of color,” said a press release from Living Streets Alliance.

The event is the result of a collaboration between Pueblo Gardens School and Living Streets Alliance, a local nonprofit organization dedicated to street developments in Tucson. 

The Pueblo Gardens Block Party, also called “Fiesta en la Calle,” will take place at the intersection of South Plumer Avenue and East Silvosa Street near the PreK-8 school, near South Campbell Avenue and East 36th Street. It will be led by artist Porter McDonald, whose craft includes murals and linoblock prints. The murals that participants paint will go in the three new curb extensions, said the press release.

According to the release, McDonald said that the students and himself reached an agreement for the themes of the asphalt murals.

“The students and I decided to create three related designs based on three essential elements: Air, Earth, and Water; as pedestrians and cyclists travel to and from school, they will see stripes of bright color swooshing and curving, and in and around these shapes they will see flashes of wildlife on the move; wings fluttering, a rodent scurrying, a fish splashing, and sea shells rolling in a slosh of sea foam,” McDonald said.

People of all ages are welcome to attend and participate. There will be free food and drinks and the mobile bicycle repair service from Living Streets Alliance.

The Pueblo Gardens Block Party will take place on Saturday, Sept. 30, from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.