Sahuarita Town Council to discuss pretty much whatever they want during retreat

The Sahuarita Town Council will hold a retreat Wednesday and Thursday to discuss broad issues affecting the community.

These retreats are typically ways to do what the kids 10 years ago called “Big Think” that guides future policies. Rather than just responding to work the staff has done, the governing bodies use these events as an opportunity to say “Hey, this is what we want the town to focus on for the next year.” 

For instance, the council has a discussion of Sahuarita’s strategic plan on the agenda. That gives them license to discuss pretty much any topic they wish. The staff will also present budget projections. So the elected leaders will be able to say “Hey, spend that over there not on this right here” instead of simply responding to a budget provided them in May when all the numbers are chiseled into granite.

Without that sort of feedback, budgets can embody the staff’s priorities and not the council’s priorities. The elected council is supposed to be the voice of the residents. The staff is the voice of “best practices.” 

More specifically, council members will discuss renaming the Green Valley Fire District and its annexation process.

What specifically about the annexation process will they discuss? Pretty much anything they want to gab about.

Local towns, cities and counties governing bodies typically meet the first and third weeks of the month. School boards meet the second and fourth weeks. This here week in January is the fifth Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. So there there isn’t much on the agenda this week, with hardly any of them gathering.

The week is even more barren because everybody seemed to get off their schedules during Christmas, with meetings stacked during weird weeks to avoid having to do much of anything between middle of December and the first week of January. February brings a return to sanity. At least schedule-wise.