Pima Supe Matt Heinz files campaign report 100 days late

Pima County Supervisor Matt Heinz — whose District 2 includes Midtown Tucson, the South Side and Sahuarita — filed his fourth-quarter campaign finance report May 10, nearly four months late.

The report, which covers Jan. 1, 2021, to Dec. 31, 2023, was due Jan. 16.

Fines for filing a late report are $10 a day the first 15 days and $25
per day until the report is filed. Heinz was 100 days late, racking up
$2,275 in fines, though they are often waived.

When asked about the late
report in March, Heinz said via text the reports are typically filed by a
campaign staff member and there was no significant activity, “but I
will look into it and correct the situation as soon as possible.”

It was filed nearly six weeks later.

Heinz’s report shows donations of $600 during the reporting period, including $500 from lobbyist and consultant Michael Racy.

Heinz, a Democrat seeking re-election in November, filed his 2024 1st Quarter report on time on April 15.

Heinz’s Republican opponent, John Backer of Sahuarita, filed his 1st Quarter report April 19, three days past the deadline. 

listed $2,020 in contributions, about a third of it from himself. He
also received $250 in March from former Pima County GOP chair Shelley
Kais, and $100 in February from Loretta Hunnicutt, co-founder of the
conservative Arizona Daily Independent news organization.

other District 2 GOP candidate, Beatrice Cory Stephens, filed her 1st
Quarter campaign report on time, listing nearly $3,800 in donations.
Those include $500 for former county supervisor Ally Miller and $1,800
from Freedom Works PAC, a Pima County political committee with a name similar to the 40-year-old national conservative PAC that
dissolved earlier this month.

Steve Christy, whose District 4 includes Green Valley, filed on time
and reported $1,725 in donations, including $1,000 from David Goldstein,
president of development and investment company Diamond Ventures.

Christy’s operating expenses included a $250 contribution to the Mount Lemmon HOA.

Democratic challenger, Vanessa Bechtol, listed $7,030 in contributions,
including $1,000 from former state legislator Demion Clinco; $200 from
environmentalist Carolyn Campbell; $500 from Tucson City Councilman
Kevin Dahl; and $500 from former Tucson mayor Jonathan Rothschild.

reports, available on the Pima County website, show what came in and what went out,
including campaign donations and expenditures.