Just stop: Kari Lake's newest abortion stance is worse than a flip-flop

Kari Lake, you just lit my fuse with your new video released to do damage control after flip-flopping on abortion. And every bit of it is either sheer ignorance, or the work of a lying liar who lies a lot.

Kari, I watched you do what you do whenever you want to soften your image after you’ve just said something unconscionable. You lean into the camera, tilt up your eyebrows empathetically and put on your “I care” voice. Whatever comes out, voters can’t trust.

Two years ago, you were all-in for Arizona’s 1864 abortion law, which basically bans the procedure outright. It prescribes prison sentences for doctors who perform abortions and anyone who assists in the act. That when you thought you would make easy work of Democrat Katie Hobbs in the race for governor. 


She beat you. Turned you into a loser. Then you called the election “stolen” and declared that you were the rightfully elected governor of the state. Maybe demanding on the eve of the election that John McCain Republicans not vote for you wasn’t such a good idea.

That hasn’t worked out so well for you — or all the other Arizona Republicans who cheered when Roe v. Wade was tossed out. So now you oppose the Civil War-era law the Arizona Supreme Court said should stand. Your previous statements are all online. We can see them. We can read them. You got caught.

But you trot out the camera and put years of experience as a news reader to work for you.

First thing you do is say “choice” over and over. “I chose life. I want to make sure every woman who finds herself pregnant  has more choices so she can make the choice I made.” 

What? You think if you say “choice enough,” people will just believe you are pro choice? You are not, a point you make back-handed style and on the sly. Merriam-Webster’s alert: If they are only free to make the choice you made, it’s not a choice. It’s an order.

You talk about how a trip to … omg … smh … Hungary. It opened your eyes. I bet it did. 

In Hungary, when someone gets married, they get a tax cut. When they have a kid, they get another. Moms of four don’t pay taxes. As Mitt Romney painfully knows, 47 percent of Americans don’t pay taxes. 

Holy Goulash, Kari! That’s exactly what exists in the U.S. of A. Do you not know that, Kari? If not, drop out of the race immediately.  If you do but think the people are too stupid to know, then you insult the voters and should drop out of the race immediately.

Next thing you do, Kari, is promise to work with Donald Trump to make the economy better so everyone can afford a kid. That’s why (fully engrossed snark) they want a super-charged trade war, driving up prices by deporting millions of workers and repealing Obamacare, destabilizing one-sixth of the economy. 

That oughta keep Joe Biden’s recovery humming.

But when you talk about bailouts for moms, you just lost me forever. 

“We bail out banks and multi-national corporations all the time. When was the last time we gave an assist to a struggling mom?”

You’re kidding, right? You can’t be this ignorant about public policy.

When was the last time we gave an assist to struggling moms? Its’ called Temporary Assistance for Needy Families and goes by the colloquial “welfare.” Your party hates it. It’s called the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, a.k.a., food stamps. Your party hates it. It’s called Women, Infants and Children, better known by its acronym “WIC.” Your party hates it.

In fact, Trump sent multiple budgets to Congress calling for as much as 30 percent cuts in each of those programs. He did that year after year.

About a year ago, your party and former president demanded Biden slash these programs before the debt ceiling got raised. But President Joe Biden said no, don’t cut “assists for struggling moms.” 

Trump demanded his party allow a default a U.S. debt. He wanted either Biden to cave so the system can stick it to struggling moms or send the world goes into an economic tailspin.

You were strangely silent Kari. Oh, right. You hadn’t yet learned about “Hungarian inventions” like social welfare and tax deductions for marriage and kids.

Fine. Was he wrong to do it? I’m holding out zero hope you will say yes because you already said you prefer Trump to your husband (cuz she’s a family-first sort).

I’m not sure if you are lying or ignorant. I suspect it’s that you are lying about your ignorance. You were an Obama-supporting liberal. Then you were a Trump-loving MAGA. Now you are trying to reposition yourself as the kind of John McCain moderate you chased out of the Arizona GOP. What’s next? Petitioning the Squad for membership?

The only thing you learned from Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban is how to destroy a democracy. 

Actually, your election denialism gave you a head start on that. You just to win one election, so you can take power, turn America into Hungary and never again have to report to Arizonans. 

They’ll report to you. 

And you can be done with all this troublesome b.s. like asking for peoples’ votes.