Hotel Congress to host opening of 'The Lounge' in revamped lobby

Hotel Congress will host an opening Friday for its revamped lobby, now called The Lounge.

Hotel owner “Shana Oseran has had this vision for a little while about providing a
more comfortable, relaxed space where people can meet before or after
all the events that we do,” said Trent Valladares, executive director of Hotel Congress.

The Lounge is complete with a new bar, and new drink and food offerings, as well as an in-house gallery with photographs from renowned Mexican photographer Graciela Iturbide, which were part of an exhibit at the Etherton Gallery in Downtown Tucson.

The bar will be offering light bites and charcuterie boards, Valladares said. There will also be desserts and a focus on whiskey for craft drinks.

“I would say the Lounge is Southwest Chic,” Valladares said. “The Century Room, you know, has a focus on mezcal and we felt whiskey would be a good fit for the Lounge because we wanted to stay true and honor the Wild West history of the area.”

Valladares said there will be cocktails available at The Lounge that have been specifically crafted for their bar.

“It’s a bit of a sexy spot, probably the most sophisticated spot in the hotel aside from The Century Room, which has its own kind of vibe,” Valladares said. “We really want guests to be able to spend time in the lobby and take in the murals, which were painted by famous muralist Larry Boyce.”

The photographs by Iturbide will be available for purchase at the Lounge gallery and Terry Etherton, who is the owner and gallery director at Etherton Gallery, will be speaking at the opening.

“The hotel is definitely an art hotel,” Valladares said. “We have iron work in our club – it really made a lot of sense to make something at an art gallery level where we can bring painters and photographers and showcase them.”

Valladares said everyone is welcome to the opening which is a free event. It will take place on Friday, Nov. 10 from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. in the Hotel Congress, 311 E. Congress St.