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I didn’t always work behind the scenes and stare at computer screens all day. In a lifetime long ago, I worked in the kitchen — also behind the scenes. Unlike what is seen on television, being a chef is hard work, and no matter what is served, someone’s grandma “cooked it better.” It’s all part of the game.

Local journalism is hard work also, because if you’re doing it correctly, there is more news than any one organization can ever cover — if there are even news outlets providing coverage at all.

With corporate consolidation in the media over the past decades, local media has disappeared, local issues get ignored, and taxpayers go without knowing how, where, and why their money is being spent. The community becomes disengaged, and even harder work is required to get citizens involved again.

So the question is really why: why do something that definitely requires hard work and an investment in more than a “normal” amount of time, possible derision and ridicule, and a pretty low return?

People who live in a community, no matter the size, should care about those around them. The people that make up the Tucson Sentinel care — about the people around them, their community, and making sure the people of Southern Arizona know possibly just that “little bit more” that keeps them, or gets them, engaged in what’s happening.

That independent work doesn’t come without a cost. All who support the work of our nonprofit newsroom deserve a big thank you. Without your support, we can’t provide you the news. With it, we can keep digging into the desert dirt — and making sure some who’d rather go unnoticed feel a little bit of heat.

The vast majority of our funding comes from individual local donors in Tucson — readers like you who understand the importance of truly independent local journalism for our community.

Because of the wonderful support from the leaders of the Sentinel’s Community Challenge Fund, and matching grant from NewsMatch, all donations through Dec. 31 can be matched 2-1.

NewsMatch is a grassroots effort to support nonprofit news across the United States. As organizers note, “since 2016, the campaign has helped raise over $150 million to jumpstart emerging newsrooms and support independent media outlets that produce fact-based, nonpartisan news and information.” The Sentinel’s portion of that is admittedly small, but we’re growing. That’s happening because of people right here in Tucson who understand the importance of truly local reporting.

Chain media is shrinking — cut by corporations that pursue nothing but short-term profits, sending money out of town while they lay off more and more reporters. That’s happening all over the country, not just in Tucson. But all over the country, grassroots local outlets have been formed, to return local news to its roots. The Tucson Sentinel’s been a pioneer in that work, helping lay the groundwork for hundreds of our fellow publishers around the United States, who now employ thousands of reporters.

Each year, we work to grow, so we seek out more stories, and do more reporting that you just won’t find anyplace else. Again, thanks very much — we’re grateful to everyone who contributed to the Sentinel so we can continue to contribute to the community.

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Because of the wonderful support from the leaders of the Sentinel’s Community Challenge Fund, and matching grant from NewsMatch, all donations through Dec. 31 can be matched 2-1!


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