Claytoonz: Trump's white Christmas

Donald Trump is channeling Hitler and Texas Republicans are making it legal to arrest people for being brown.

Trump said immigrants are “poisoning the blood of our country,” which is
very similar to Hitler talk. Donald Trump said this because he is a

Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is also a racist, pushed the state
legislature to craft a new law making it legal for the state to arrest
people for crossing the border illegally. This puts the state government
into conflict with the federal government, just as Arizona did a few
years ago when they made it legal for law enforcement in the state to
arrest people on the suspicion they weren’t in the country legally. The
Supreme Court knocked that one down, but just barely.

The new racist Texas law is very similar to the racist Arizona law. Cops
will be able to harass people based on the color of their skin or the
language they’re speaking. If you don’t get how that’s racist, then
you’re a racist. Does that guy look like he’s in the country illegally?
If he’s brown and doesn’t speak English, then a Texas cop just might ask
for his papers. Golly, they did a lot of asking for papers in Hitler’s

This is racial profiling. The Republican answer to this is that it probably won’t happen very often. That’s wishful thinking.

Abbott states this new law will decrease border crossings in Texas by up
to 50 percent, which would send them to cross the border into other
states. But passing problems onto other states is Abbott’s M.O. He loves
to traffick migrants to cities run by Democrats.

This is also a solution to a problem that creates more problems. Texas
passed a law making it legal for cops in the state to arrest people for
being brown, but they didn’t provide any funding for local jails to
detain these people.

Isn’t it funny that a Republican’s solution to a problem is always
something racist? Abbott made a photo-op out of signing this racist bill
into law by staging it in front of a racist border wall.

Republicans claim they’re Christians while not asking “What would
Jesus do?”. Jesus wouldn’t do this. They claim there’s a war on
Christmas while waging war on migrants during Christmas.

Republicans would deport Jesus. They would arrest Jesus. They’d human traffic Jesus.

Merry Christmas.

By the way, I’m a white citizen of this nation and I don’t want to go to Texas.