Claytoonz: Trump stakes claim to Bible profits

I don’t understand fundamentalists.

They act holier than the rest of us. They claim they’re closer to God,
Jesus, angels, etc, etc. They scold us for voting for Democrats who
aren’t Jesus-y enough. They claim to support family values while
excusing a guy who’s a liar, an adulterer, and who’s broken the majority
of the 10 Commandments and has never asked for forgiveness.
Fundamentalists pray for Trump while worshiping him, ignoring the
commandment that they not worship another god. Most of all, they ignore
all the warnings about the antichrist while worshiping Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is selling Trump Bibles for $60 a pop. If he hasn’t deleted
all the lines about the antichrist in his Trump Bibles, then the joke
truly is on the fundamentalists who purchase these. Now Trump’s probably
not the actual antichrist because you’d think Satan would send one who
wasn’t such a stupid moronic imbecile, but then again, maybe Satan
understands MAGA stupidity. You would think Satan would send an
antichrist who could charm more than the least intelligent.

The money for these Bibles are just like with the golden sneakers — it
all goes to Trump. When are they going to start selling Trump crosses? I
don’t understand how fundamentalists can excuse Trump for grifting off
Jesus. Please notice that Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Joe Biden
never grifted their supporters. When Trumpers point to the large crowds
at his rallies, they don’t understand that we don’t have to join a cult
to support our candidates.