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Tucson Sentinel’s
independent nonprofit newsroom learns from and informs Southern
Arizonans about the community challenges and unique culture of our

We’re making big moves to bring you even more of the solid, thoroughly reported journalism you depend on the Sentinel to provide our community — bringing aboard Tucson journalism legend Jim Nintzel as our new Government & Political Impact reporter, hiring Creative Community Solutions reporter Natalie Robbins, growing our arts coverage with Cultural Expression & Commuity Values reporter Bianca Morales and music correspondent Xavier Omar Otero, fostering a new generation of journalists with our crack summer fellows from around the world and other interns, and our entire longtime core team continuing to dig deep into the desert dirt for stories you just won’t find anyplace else.

“The Sentinel is doing work like no one else is in this city by
holding powerful people and systems accountable,” said Robbins, a Tucson native who just completed her masters degree in journalism at the Craig Newmark
Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York. “I want to
make this place better while celebrating what makes it great and I’m
excited and humbled that the Sentinel has given me the opportunity to do

Last year, as a graduate summer fellow, it was Robbins who led the Sentinel’s investigation into
deaths at the Pima County Jail, revealing the exclusive story of a man who had died behind bars, and his family had not been told. Without her keen eye and dedicated work, they might still be unaware of his fate.

We need your help.

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While corporate media in Tucson — controlled by massive out-of-state
corporations that often pull far more in profits from our town than they
spend on reporting on it — have kept up a years-long pattern of cutting
staff and dialing back on journalism, the Sentinel’s steadily expanding
our newsroom. Instead of cutting, we’re reinvesting in local news with the help of our small business supporters and members of the Watchdog Club.

“With all the cuts to local journalism by rapacious corporate overlords, nonprofit newsrooms like the Sentinel are more vital than ever. It’s the future of real reporting for our community,” Nintzel said as he began working with us.

“There’s a reason we’ve seen such deep cuts in all of the for-profit newsrooms,” Nintzel said. “Good journalism costs money.
The chains would rather reap profits. So if you believe in the
importance of local reporting on the Tucson City Council, state
lawmakers and members of Congress — or if you’ve ever just wanted to buy
me a beer — please support the Sentinel’s mission.”

You can support our work here in Tucson — and the
Sentinel’s project of building an authentically local new way of
reporting on and representing Southern Arizona — by becoming a member of
the Watchdog Club.

Tucson Sentinel’s
independent nonprofit newsroom learns from and informs Southern
Arizonans about the community challenges and unique culture of our

Through watchdog reporting, local commentary and expert analysis, the
Sentinel inspires residents to be meaningfully engaged with our
community, promotes transparency and understanding, seeks solutions
that empower, and holds the powerful accountable.

An alert watchdog.

Journalism is a vital public service in a democracy. Investigative reporting uncovers injustice, exposes corruption and holds officials accountable. Community reporting celebrates the unique nature of Tucson’s people, reflecting our sense of place through a knowing lens.

We aim to provide both: to point out the things we all love about Southern Arizona, and point to possible solutions for what needs changing. We believe that just as an unexamined life is not worth living, an unexamined city is not worth living in.

A smarter Tucson is a better Tucson.

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