Az AG seeks info on Tucson doctor who allegedly molested minors in 3 states

State investigators are seeking information about potential additional victims of a former Tucson pediatrician, Dr. Mehul P. Dixit, who reportedly had sexual contact with minors in Florida and Mississippi as well as Arizona.

Dixit, a doctor of pediatric nephrology, practiced at Tucson Medical Center and the University of Arizona Health and Sciences Center between 2000 and 2005, the Arizona Attorney General’s Office said in a press release seeking information about any other victims or witnesses in this state.

The AG’s Special Investigations Section “initiated an investigation after receiving allegations Dr. Dixit perpetrated Sexual Conduct with a Minor while he practiced medicine in Tucson,” officials said.

“The Arizona Attorney General’s Office is concerned there may be additional victims and are asking any victims or witnesses to come forward if they have relevant information with respect to misconduct on the part of Dr. Dixit while he was present in Arizona,” they said.

Dixit, now about 60 years old, was charged last May with two counts of sexual battery and had his medical license suspended in Mississippi over allegations he fondled two young girls, aged 13 and 17. He also allegedly molested a17-year-old patient during an examination in Florida. He was released on a bond of $300,000; the current status of the case was not immediately available in online court records.

Last year, Florida police said they were investigating the children’s kidney specialist, and also asked any other potential victims to come forward.

Arizona Medical Board records show that Dixit’s medical license in this state expired in December 2005 and was not renewed. His Florida medical license, issued in 2004, expired in 2015. He was also previously licensed in New York, records show.

From the Arizona AG:

Please contact the Attorney General’s Office’s and reference “Dr. Dixit” if you have any information. Complaints and tips can be submitted via phone call at (602) 542-8888 or online at